Where Do We Begin?

We are all unique. We are all different. We are all irreplaceable.

It is undisputed that each and every person is special in their own way. That each person has crafted themselves thorough experience, through making mistakes, by living life. But where, I ask, does our imitation of what interests and inspires us end and the creation of ourselves as individuals begin?

Take fashion for example, nobody taught us our style, it just happened. From reading magazines, watching people on the street, and admiring shop windows, we all tuned in to what we found attractive, what suited us, and what we felt best expressed who we are.

Take books as another example. Nobody told us what books to like, what to enjoy and what not to enjoy. Simply from reading books we found,  the books we were assigned in school, or books suggested by a friend, we eventually discovered and unveiled our tastes.

Take friends and relationships. Nobody told us what kind of company to enjoy, what kind of features to find attractive, what kind of qualities to value in a person. Through friendships, relationships, conflicts, and laughter, we found out ourselves.

The examples and metaphors are endless, but the point remains the same: We all figure it out some day. But what is ‘IT‘? When do we know we’ve become purely, solely, and completely an unadulterated creation of self? A self that is independent of external influence. A self that is undisputedly ‘you‘ .

This is what I seek to find out. This is what I’m trying to understand. This is why I’m restarting this blog.

If you want to come on this journey with me, read on…

With Love,

Ari xx

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