The Huntington Gardens

Earlier this summer, my mom and I were trying to brainstorm ideas of fun things we could do during the weekend, while my dad was out of town. I have always been in love with the idea of discovering hidden gems in any city I’m in, and in Los Angeles, there are numerous hidden gems. As we were discussing possible endeavors for our weekend, we realized that we had not visited any kind of garden in more than a year. This, for both of us, was an absolute crime, as we both share a great love for gardens and nature in particular, so we searched “Los Angeles Gardens” on Google, and came across the website for the Huntington Gardens (which is part of the Huntington Library) in Pasadena, just about a 45-50 minute drive from Santa Monica. After seeing a list of 16 different gardens to explore, my mom and I were hooked.

When we finally got there after what seemed like a decades’ worth of driving (typical for LA driving standards), we were in absolute awe at the lushness and uniqueness of each individual garden we visited. Unfortunately, we didn’t visit all of them, but from the gardens that we did see, they took our breath away. So, if you are in the Los Angeles area, and enjoy the beauty of a variety of gardens, I highly suggest visiting the Huntington Gardens.

There are so many incredible views, therefore, each picture you take will be incredible; it’s hard to find any place within the Huntington Gardens that isn’t beautiful. If you would like to check out the website (you won’t regret it!), here is the link:

Until next time my travel junkies!



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