Bluebird, Chelsea

Last weekend I visited one of my best friends in London and as soon as I arrived she, her roommate, and I decided to get a bite to eat. Living in South Kensington, she suggested we go to Bluebird for lunch, as it was one of her favourite establishments. Let me just say, it was an absolutely fabulous decision. You’ll find Bluebird on Kings Road in Chelsea, apparently it’s a common hangout for the cast of “Made in Chelsea”, so if you’re a fan you’ll have to check it out. You can choose to sit for full meal, drinks, or a classic British afternoon tea. There is a gorgeous outside sitting area where you can lounge while you sip on champagne, and on the second floor, there is a gorgeously decorated indoor dining area where you can enjoy drinks at the bar or a full delectable meal. You’ll also find a cute little food store and wine cellar on the left of the main restaurant were you can pick up some bluebird inspired food and wine to take home with you as a souvenir. Alternately, you can stop by the Bluebird Shop (located below the restaurant) for some  pampering and Bluebird spa treatments.


My friends and I opted for drinks instead of a full meal — I promise we’re not alcoholics, we just weren’t that hungry — and we chose some of the house specials. From left to right: Caroline got a ‘Sweater Weather’ with Boys Genever gin, Winter Pimm’s, chestnut liquor, Somerset English Brandy, chocolate bitters and topped with dry apple cider. I got the ‘Flirtini’ made with Belvedere Vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice, fresh mint, raspberries, and topped with sparkling wine. And Mackenzie got a ‘Bluebird Brûlée’ made with chocolate vodka, crème brûlée syrup, Gold Mozart Chocolate, fresh cream, butterscotch schnapps, and shaken with pineapple juice.

IMG_9086Every single one was absolutely amazing. Though the “go to” if it’s your first time at Bluebird is a drink christened ‘Made in Chelsea’. It’s made with lemongrass infused vodka, strawberry purée, crème de mûre liquor, shaken with lemon and lychee juice, topped with lemonade, served in a tin cup. It sounds delicious!

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer
‘Made in Chelsea’ cocktail – Image: Source

As we were only having drinks, as responsible adults, we ordered ‘Drinking Partners‘, as the menu calls them, in order to have something in our stomachs while we consumed our alcoholic beverages (see mom, I actually DO listen when you give me advice 😊). We decided to order the Burrata cheese served with sourdough and cherry tomatoes. It was sublime. Other Drinking Partners included mini burgers, crispy king prawns, mini halloumi burgers, arancini, and other such bite sized finger foods. All delicious I’m sure!

IMG_9087If you really can’t wait to see it, here’s a link to the 360° virtual tour. If a virtual tour is just not enough, next time you’re in Chelsea, make sure you stop by and see the real thing. Don’t forget to order a Made in Chelsea!

From London with love,

Ari xx

IMG_9079 I spy with my little eye, a bluebird
A well stocked bar
A welcoming entryway and the beautiful outside area – Image: Source


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