About Ari

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Hi! I’m Ari,

I’m 19 years young, half Italian and half Filipino. I’ve lived in Italy most of my life. It’s very noticeably evidenced by the excessive gesticulations I involuntarily make as I speak.

I started this blog when I was a freshman in high school, but stopped blogging after two years when life got in the way. I recently decided to pick it up again and give it a complete makeover. So here I am! For my first post, which serves as a sort of introduction to my blog, click here.

 I am so fortunate to live in gorgeous Italy but, despite that, traveling to new places is one of my favourite things to do. I adore exploring new countries, experiencing their cultures, and seeing what the world has to offer. I love the admiring the different kinds of fashion that you come across while traveling, but more importantly, I love trying all kinds of new food!

Other than travel my greatest love is escaping the real world through books on a rainy afternoon — or anytime really. Sometimes I prefer fictional worlds to the real world. I guess I live in my head.

Writing is one of my favourite pastimes, and I hope that through my blog I can share some of my adventures with you. So if you want to come on a journey with me, read on…

With love,

Ari xx