Abbot Kinney Blvd: “The Coolest Block in America”

Abbot Kinney Boulevard has been denominated “The Coolest Block in America” with good reason. Whether you’re into music, art, food, tech, fashion, or simply have the urge to window shop, you’ll find something you will love on this street. If you don’t feel like any of the above, and just want to go for a stroll, you will surely be entertained by the fun street art that decorates the walls of the boulevard. Here, you’ll find all sorts of shops. Seriously, everything from a shop dedicated to socks, to a shop dedicated to high-end pet supplies for ‘The Modern Dog’.

A while back, intending to explore Venice, a few friends and I rented bikes in Santa Monica and cycled to Venice Beach. Serendipitously, we stumbled upon Abbot Kinney Boulevard during our search for sustenance. Needless to say, it was absolutely fabulous and we ended up spending our whole afternoon there! We like to shop…. shhh.

Tip: While walking around, make sure you enter the little shops that have ‘secret’ back areas hidden from view behind the main street. That’s where you’ll find the most interesting and unique places and items.

Doing this, my friends and I found a hat shop that exclusively crafted custom hats for its clients, quirky boutiques with healing stones and incense, shops that made clothes exclusively with recycled materials, a home decor shop with decorations made solely with natural materials from California, and a shop that solely featured pieces by new and upcoming Australian designers trying to break into the fashion business.

Walking on the main street, we stumbled by an interesting and alternative art gallery and browsed unique paintings. We stopped for some delectable pastries and sweet ice tea at a quaint patisserie, and later we found a store with more stationary and cards than you could ever imagine! You could spend endless hours browsing and finding things you didn’t know you needed until you found them.

I’m sure if you explore you will find even more, but if you feel like taking a break,  you should stop by Kreation and taste the ’50 Shades of Green’ juices they offer. Shopping can be exhausting, and they’re delicious and a refreshing way to recharge after spending the day under the hot So Cal sun.

So if you’re ever in Los Angeles and don’t know what to do, stop by Abbot Kinney and have a look around. Have fun exploring!

Until next time,

Ari xx


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