24 Hours in Hollywood: How to Spend A Girls’ Day Out

Hollywood, the name alone boasts its timeless reputation. Think glamour, think Oscars, think fame, fortune, and more. Though it has become a relatively touristic area, it’s still one of the must see places in Southern California. Touring alone is always interesting, but visiting with a group of girl friends is even more fun. Here’s what to do in Hollywood for a day with your chicas.

Get to Hollywood

This is the obvious first step. Have fun and laugh with your friends on your way there and set the mood for a good day. More importantly, make a playlist to blast during the trip, and don’t forget snacks for the journey!


Walk Down the Walk of Fame

Make sure you’re all strutting, walking your best walk, while you make your way down he Walk of Fame. Check out the names in the stars and take a look at the landmarks around you like the Capitol Records building, which is shaped like a record! All while take a lot of pictures and hyperventilating when you see your idol’s star. OMG JOHNNY DEPP! *faints*



 Hollywood & Highland

After walking around and admiring every star, stop by Hollywood & Highland where you’ll find lots of restaurants and shops. Make sure to hop by the Dolby Theatre and take a tour. You’ll see where the Oscars are held and feel like a star, even just for a minute. Hollywood & Highland is also the starting point of many Los Angeles tour buses, so if you want a guided tour this is where you’ll find it! It’s a great way to see the whole city in a day if you’re only visiting a short while, especially if it’s your first time.


Take Pictures with the Hollywood Sign

On the third floor of Hollywood & Highland, you’ll find an observation deck with the perfect view of the Hollywood sign. Here you can take pictures and look at the sign through a telescope. This will inspire you to hike up to the Hollywood sign, but we’ll save that for another day.

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Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping

You’ll find everything and anything your heart desires in these shops, from high-end to low-end, from cheap souvenirs to a caviar vending machine. One shop that is not to be missed is SWEET: The Greatest Candy Store on Earth stocked with everything from regular candy to custom made sweets. If you’re a chocolate lover, you can even design and make your own chocolate bar! Outside the candy store is a massive black and white staircase, and you’ll notice that when you step on it, it plays music. It’s a piano staircase! It’s loads of fun if you’re in a group and try to make a melody or play a song, because when you fail miserably, you can all laugh together.

Hmm, how much caviar do I want?


Am I a princess yet?
Reppin’ LA
Hi, my name is Lily and I’m a shopaholic

Chinese Theatre

Once you descend the musical steps, you’ll be right in front of the Chinese Theatre. Here you can compare the size of your hands and feet to those of the stars, who’s handprints and footprints are pressed into concrete blocks in the ground. If you have time, you can also catch a screening, of whatever motion picture they’re featuring, for an unforgettable movie viewing experience. The interior is breathtaking.

This Tuesday, March 31, 2015 photo shows the interior of the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Chinese Theatre, one of the largest Imax theaters in the world, is one of more than a dozen locations that Imax expects to outfit with laser projection this year. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)


Mel’s Drive-In Hollywood

Right next door to the Hollywood History Museum, you’ll find Mel’s Drive-In. As a 60’s theme diner, it’s all-American with leather booths, jukeboxes, malt shakes, burgers, and apple pie. Think Grease. It’s so authentic, that on the website, you can file a filming inquiry if you want to shoot a short film or project there. That must be fun! It’s a great place for a fun dinner after a long day, especially with the retro ambiance and funky music in the background.



Walk the Boulevard at Night

Last but not least, walk the boulevard at night. It’s a completely different experience. Neon lights everywhere, boom-boxes and fancy cars, music pounding from various venues. It transforms into a new place. I don’t suggest walking too far off the main street, because it can get a little sketchy, but so long as you stay on around the main commercial area it’s safe.


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Until next time,

Ari xx

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